Who is the HP2000 APU made for?

HP2000 24V APU
HP2000 24V APU

Being a truck driver or a heavy-machine operator makes you a very unique, dedicated person. From hours to days, no matter what you drive or how long you drive it for, your time operating your vehicle or equipment can be long and excruciating in these ever-changing weather conditions. That’s where the HP2000 APU comes in! The HP2000 APU is as versatile as you are, able to operate on many different types of vehicles and heavy-machinery such as semi-trucks, dump trucks, cranes, military transport vehicles, construction equipment and more! All of our units are built to withstand the harshest, most extreme weather conditions to keep your safe and comfortable while on the job or between your travels. Do you have a vehicle or type of equipment that you want an APU for, but you don’t know if it’ll work? No problem! As long as you have the specifications for what you are needing, Parks Industries LLC will be more than happy to assist in seeing what we can build for you. We are always taking on new projects and building APU’s for a variety of equipment. If you’ve got the room, we’ve got the APU for you! Call our office at (618) 997-9608 for more information.

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