Beat the Heat Special

In today’s climate, it’s hard to tell what tomorrow’s weather will look and/or feel like. Back and forth, back and forth – hot to cold and warm to freezing, at the end of the day the one fact that never alters is that being on the road all day can be exhausting – especially if you’re not comfortable. That’s where the HP2000 APU comes in, to get you through those long and tiring days & nights. Idling your truck consumes a lot of fuel and takes its toll on the wear and tear of your trucks engine. Unlike idling, the HP2000 APU has its own engine which eliminates any additional wear and tear to your trucks engine and allows your APU to be fully operational regardless of whether you truck is on or off! You can use it while you drive or while you sleep, and save money doing it. It also charges your trucks batteries, even if you have an inverter that’s currently using them! PLUS it circulates and warms the coolant in your system to eliminate colds starts.

Sounds pretty good right? It gets even better! Parks Industries LLC is currently having their ✨Beat the Heat Special where you can get a FREE INSTALLATION and a 4 YEAR / 6,000 HOUR ENGINE WARRANTY with the purchase of a brand new HP2000 APU. That’s a savings of up to $1,500 OFF! This offer is only valid for a New Purchase of an HP2000 APU installed at our factory location in Marion, IL and the only thing you need to qualify is to either have Financing for the unit approved or to place a 25% Down Payment.

Call our office today at 618-997-9608 or submit a Quote Request on our website to get a quote and lock in your $1,500 savings with a FREE Installation and a 4 Year / 6,000 Hour Engine Warranty on your new brand HP2000 APU! ☎️ Click the Buttons below for our Quote Request Form or to check out our financing options!

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