HP2000 Xtreme 24V APU

HP2000 24V APU

For years, the HP2000 has been implementing their 24 volt HP2000 HD system into the construction and military applications around the word.  We have systems as far away as Israel with many other applications throughout the United States. The difference between Parks Industries and other APU manufacturers is that doesn’t just sell you an APU and walk away, we work with you one-on-one to insure that your installation and final product is fully operational and will stand up the rigors of the environment that is being installed into.

The following are some examples of current applications where the HP2000 is being utilized:
  • Chicago O’hare Airport snow removal vehicles
  • Large Caterpillar Dump Trucks  
  • Kobelco Lattice Cranes
  • State of Alaska portable emergency lighting systems
  • Israeli Defense Force military transport vehicles

The HP2000 Xtreme 24V APU is fully loaded with a 2-Cyl. Kubota engine and our patented heat pump system, accompanied by a radiator in replacement of our condenser core. The cabinet is the same size as our standard 12V HP2000 APU’s weighing at only 310lbs with 20.5” x 24.4” x 22.8” dimensions, and available with the same cabinet options of either Powder-Coat Black or Stainless Steel.