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When it comes to building a product, the key component you will need is knowledge. Simple, right? You need to know what you are building, how you are going to build it, and what you want it to do once it’s complete. When it comes to the installation process, there’s really no difference.

But knowing how to do something, doing it, and doing it well, are completely different concepts. With a complex product like an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) it takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to get everything right. From the fuel lines, to the electrical components, and even to the placement on the truck: APU’s are a difficult task to master. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, however, Parks Industries, LLC has been able to pull it off beautifully, assuring customer satisfaction after every installation.

Still, some may ask: why Parks Industries, LLC? Why not a truck shop that can do the same installation? You see, Parks Industries, LLC is the sole creator and manufacturer of the HP2000 APU. All they do is build, repair, and install APU’s: Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 4:00PM – day in and day out. Truck Shops, on the other hand, mostly do repairs on items such as brakes, alternators, or oil changes. Although they do an excellent job on those types of repairs, they’re not nearly as experienced when it comes to installing something as time-consuming and diverse as an APU.

From there the benefits just keep growing, for not only has Parks Industries, LLC been in business for over 20 years and created its own APU to put on the market, but the owner, Gary Parks, has also previously owned his own fleet. Having studied trucks for decades has helped him master his craft and figure out things such as how to get the best airflow from an APU. On top of that, the installation process itself only takes four to five hours on average, where others take an estimated two to three days of loss time and missed revenue. They even have a lounge with drinks and snacks available, where you can order delivery, watch Netflix, or just take a nap while you wait. It also helps that they are conveniently located in the heart of America, in Marion, IL, and are located close to not one, but two Interstates: Interstates 57 and 24.

Last, but certainly not least, is their financing. Parks Industries, LLC provides numerous financing options supplied to you by Sunset Financing Group and/or New Lane Finance. With zero to low upfront costs, 12 to 60-month term financing, and the most competitive payments in the financing market, our financing partners strive to supply the best leasing/financing options tailored to meet your needs. However, if you are purchasing a new or used truck that you know requires an APU, you can add the cost of buying an APU from Parks Industries, LLC to the same financial purchase that you already have. This can save you a ton of hassle from having multiple financing accounts with different companies, policies, due dates, interest rates, etc. All you need to do is have the dealer contact Parks Industries, LLC and then  route yourself to Marion, IL. It really is that simple.

The bottom line is, when it comes to paying to have something done, you want it done the right way on the first try. And when it comes to installing APU’s, Parks Industries, LLC is the right way to go, because at Parks Industries, LLC quality is always over compromise.

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