Parks Power Pack


Parks Industries LLC would like to formally introduce its newest product, the Parks Power Pack!┬áProviding the complete power solution and incorporating the fuel, control panel, electronics, exhaust and cooling systems, and any safety enclosures required, the Parks Power Pack is a uniquely designed 24V APU that not only provides heating and cooling capabilities but, can also save OEMs extensive amounts of time and expenses in improving manufacturing productivity. Created and manufactured for the harshest environments, the Parks Power Pack comes fully equipped with an SAE engine, radiator, air filter, exhaust muffler, engine mounting feet, engine solenoid, and engine fluids, topped with its own shutdown panel and the availability of variable speeds. Furthermore, in addition to its own functionalities, it also provides the capability of running a variety of other equipment as well such as generators, log-splitters, hydraulic pumps, and much more! As you can imagine, each new armored truck or construction equipment has its own unique applications, so we make sure to work with you one-on-one to provide you with full technical support in ensuring that your equipment can continuously stand up to the rigors of the environment and maintain its highest performance levels when its working in the field. Just remember, when your environment gets tough, get an APU that’s tougher – get the Parks Power Pack.