About the HP2000 Perkins APU


Since 2003, the Perkins engine has been knowingly incorporated with the HP2000 APU brand. As the years went on and engine shortages became an increasing issue, Parks Industries LLC decided to take on other various types of engines in order to maintain continuous improvement of our HP2000 APU. Through numerous trial and error phases, we were able to slowly build our product to the high-point that it stands on today. Ironically, as our product’s quality increased, so did the amount of Perkins’ engine availability. From there we seized our opportunity, and now we are more than excited to introduce to you our new, greatly improved, HP2000 Perkins 2-Cyl. APU.






Just like the Kubota, the Perkins can be installed in as little as 4 hours, with the complete system up and operational on your vehicle! Although some accessories may take a little longer, our unique plug-n-play cabling system and internal condenser hastens the process tremendously. Here at Parks Industries, we know that your time is precious so, our staff is determined to properly install your money-saving APU at a money-saving rate, so that you can get back to work as soon as possible, and as comfortable as possible.



Our control systems are state of the art, yet very simple to operate.  With features such as calendar start, low battery start, as well as auto heat and cool climate control, we are leading the way in high tech APU operation! Unlike most of our competitors, our APU offers multiple options for heating and cooling with our heat-only kits, cool-only kits, and our one-of-a-kind reversing valve that can do both. The choice is all yours!


Speaking of our one-of-a-kind features, unlike any other APU on the market, all of our HP2000 APUs use a high-efficiency heat pump system.  This system allows us to both heat and cool with half the components of traditional APU systems.  This relates to a lower cost for you, the customer, but also a much lower failure rate.  A larger than necessary cooling system in the summer, in addition to utilizing excess engine heat in the winter, means our APU is able to heat and cool in the most extreme of conditions!