Time for a Truck Generator?

Hp2000 APU with Stainless Steel EnclosureAnti-idle laws backed with steep fines have made adding semi truck generators a necessity, especially for long-haul truckers who live out of their rig. When you are parked you must have a means of staying warm or cool and of keeping your batteries charged. Engine heating and access to a power inverter will make sure your truck is charged and ready, after you have some time to enjoy a few creature comforts.

Saving Fuel & Reducing Maintenance Costs

While not every state currently has anti idle laws in place, adding a generator to your truck is still advantageous. When your truck is idling, you are burning fuel and putting hours on your engine, meaning higher fuel costs and more frequent maintenance. Our unit can run almost 10 hours under full load on a single gallon of diesel, reducing your fuel costs by 90%, not to mention saving wear and tear on your engine. Our savings calculator will let you see exactly how long the HP2000 Xtreme will take to pay for itself.

APUs vs. Portable Truck Generators

The HP2000 APU was built to provide you with the comfort you deserve while being able to handle the punishment that portable generators for trucks just aren’t able to endure. From our rugged casing, quick access for preventive maintenance, to the high tech control unit, the needs of drivers were our #1 concern when building the new Xtreme series APU. While some may argue that a portable generator is less expensive, our recent post on APUs vs. Portable Generators took a deeper look into this misconception and uncovered the true cost of using a portable generator instead of an APU.

Time is Money

Downtime for drivers means lost wages. Our unit can be fully installed on must trucks in under 5 hours. If you order a new truck from Peterbilt or International you can have our unit installed at the factory, meaning your truck will be ready to go as soon as you take delivery. We are also working with several other truck manufacturers so that they soon will be able to equip your new rig with our unit.

Locating a Certified HP2000 APU Installer

dealer locatorFor those of you looking to add a unit to your current truck, we have dealers located across the U.S.A. and Canada for your convenience. You can find the closest dealer to where you are or where you are headed using our dealer locator.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call 618-997-9608 to speak with a knowledgeable product representative.