The HP2000 Xtreme is the most rugged APU in the business.  With its reinforced frame and weather sealed lid, they are built to handle the most extreme temperatures and rough conditions that drivers battle daily By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, not only do they eliminate wear and tear on the drive engine while idling, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 90% versus idling. These advantages are attained, yet still allow the driver to enjoy all of the comforts of an idling engine. In addition, our patented heat pump system allows for less components, resulting in less weight, moving parts and less noise.



In as little as 4 hours, the complete system can be up and operational on your vehicle.  Our unique plug-n-play cabling system internal condenser hastens the process. On some trucks, our in-cab evaporator and ducting system can be integrated with your vehicle’s existing ducting system.

HP2000 APU for Trucks


Our control systems are state of the art yet very simple to operate.  With features such as calendar start, coolant temperature and low battery start as well as auto Heat and cool climate control, we are leading the way in high tech APU operation.


Unlike any other APU on the market, both HP2000 units use a high-efficiency heat pump system.  This system allows us to both heat and cool with half the components of traditional APU systems.  This relates to a lower cost for you, the customer, but also a much lower failure rate.  A larger than necessary cooling system in the summer in addition to utilizing excess engine heat in the winter means our APU is able to heat and cool in the most extreme of conditions!

APU Comparison Chart


Unlike most APU’s our APU’s incorporate an alternator/inverter combination to provide high-quality AC power. Without a generator head, the HP2000 is over 200lbs lighter than other APUs on the market.  In addition, our engine is able to run a very low 1800 RPM which in turn provides exceptional fuel economy and smooth, quiet operation.

Kevin Killen: Swift Transportation

“I did a lot of  research into the various APU’s on the market before deciding on my HP2000 K-Series APU. Big things really do come in small packages! The HP2000 is not the biggest APU on the market. It is however,the far superior APU on the market and the price was unbeatable compared to others. The unit does everything I want it to and then some. It heats, cools, charges the batteries and circulates the anti-freeze to keep that engine block warm in the winter which is so vital in really cold temps. That circulation is an added option on some of the other models out there. It is also the quietest APU on the market. I was standing next to my truck the other day talking on the phone and my friend told me he couldn’t even hear the unit running in the background. What really sold me on the HP2000 APU was the great customer service that I received on the unit. Matt, Andrew, Cam and the entire crew at Parks Industries go above and beyond in providing support and service on the APU.

The touch screen controller unit is compact and user-friendly. The user can virtually program the APU to function in just  about any condition in which you wish to program it. The final deciding factor was servicing of the APU, which can easily be done by any shop using standard parts you can pick up at the auto parts store. If you want top notch quality matched with great customer service, you can’t go wrong with the HP2000 K-Series APU. It is without a doubt, the best unit on the market.”

Michael Buss – Owner/Operator

“Just had my HP2000 removed which had over 12,000 hours on it and put a brand new one on. This has saved me over $100,000 in fuel alone. I’ll show you the receipts. Very happy with this APU and even happier with this one that has the Kohler. Very quiet. The people at the Parks went out of their way to help too. Great people.”

Robert Caylor, Owner/Operator

“There is not a product out there with an engine, electronics, fuel supply that don’t have problems from time to time. Just go to the Chevy, Ford, Toyota, dealership and watch the new cars being taken in for repairs. I sell APUs for a living. So you may not want my opinion. The HP2000, if it is installed correctly, serviced properly, is as fine of unit that you can buy. I have sold these units to guys in North Dakota and have had great feedback about how well it heated their truck in the winter. (Temps get -20 with wind chills of -40) I have sold these units to guys that run the southwest. Used properly these units can handle extreme heat. With the New Koehler engine, I look to have even greater reports back. This is an inverter type APU, which means that you won’t have all the problems that generators types produce. It runs at a lower RPM so it uses less fuel, less wear in tear. The Heat pump system is a great way to keep weight down. The new touch screen is the most usable control system out there. (You can see what you’re doing in a dark cab.) All the features that HP2000 has it should be priced up there with Thermo King. I believe that you will find that Parks is here to stay and they believe in standing behind their product. Dollar for dollar it’s a great APU. Where I work we sell new, used and repair APUs of all flavors. They all have issues. I will tell you that no matter what brand you buy there will be repairs. I get guys that all they want is Thermo King, and I get guys that wouldn’t have one. I do agree that you should do research before you buy. Look at warranty, Company history, ease of operation, and cost. I hope this was helpful. I have decided not to mention my shop, that would not be a very bias opinion. The HP2000 rates up at the top of the APU list.”

Kevin Schuller – Superior Transportation

“The HP2000 exceeded my installation expectations. My first customer said the cooling power was phenomenal. The evaporator is compact leaving plenty of storage for your gear. The plug and play design does everything as promised. The touch screen is very user-friendly. No more drilling holes in the fuel tanks for the pick up tubes. A very well thought out product that I am proud to represent.

Allen Perkins – Tulsa, OK

“I see good and bad reviews online, some are real and I am sure some are not but I want to say this one is for sure real. I want to say a big THANK YOU to Parks Industries (Matt) for the help with my APU installation. 4.5 hour install from start to finish with only an overnight notice. Would recommend this system and I am happy I have mine. Look forward to further contact in the future.

Herbert Moore, Owner/Operator

“Having driven several company trucks in the past equipped with either Carrier or ThermoKing units and not being pleased with either (couldn’t keep up with the 90+temps), I decided to look into the HP2000.  So, early last year I stopped by Parks Ind. home office in Marion, IL and met with the owner, Gary Parks. He took his time  answering all my questions along with showing me how the HP2000 was assembled and how it worked. I left there knowing this was the unit I wanted to put on my truck. This past Fall I had an HP2000  installed on my truck @ their home office in Marion and I couldn’t  have made a better decision! This unit keeps me comfortable even in the 90+degree temps. Mind you I still have to close the curtains in my truck to keep excess heat out but that is something I could NEVER say about the trucks with the Carrier/ThermoKing units. By the way, I had a couple minor issues pop up with this unit last week. Called Parks Ind., set an appt. for yesterday morning and they got me in quickly, repaired in a timely manner along with treating me as a valued customer. I would rather have a product that performs as it is intended and deal with an occasional issue than have a product that not only has multiple issues and still doesn’t perform as intended.