Half the Fuel, Twice the Comfort

HP2000 APU Frame Install

When it comes to fuel, there is only one true consistency: the inconsistency of its pricing. As the economy shifts, and the cost of oil and its demand rises, so does the price of fuel. According to AAA, the average cost of diesel fuel across the United States of America is estimated to be $2.89 PER GALLON as of today, February 25th, 2021. While it is not news for the cost of fuel to be this high, it is not good either – especially if you idle your truck.

But alas, Mother Nature has no pity for the truck drivers who travel day and night to earn an honest living, and neither do the places that they travel to, as more and more states conform to stricter anti-idling laws. Enter the creation and usefulness of the Auxiliary Power Unit. The Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU for short, by definition is a device on a vehicle that provides energy for functions other than propulsion. In most cases, APU’s are devices used to provide heating and/or cooling functionalities to vehicles such as Semi-Trucks, Construction Equipment, Military Vehicles, etc., with the most popular/common type of APU utilizing a 2-Cylinder or 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine. While diesel engines do use diesel fuel, of course, they tend to use a significant amount less than what your truck engine uses when idling. However, like most products, they all have some engineering differences, which results in different APU’s using different amounts of fuel per hour.

The average amount of fuel used by Green APU, for example, is 0.3 GPH, while the average amount used by brands such as ThermoKing and Carrier is 0.2 GPH. The HP2000 APU, on the other hand, has the lowest fuel consumption, sitting at just 0.1 GPH. At first glance it may not seem like that big of a difference, but as the cost of fuel continues to increase so does the savings!

Let us review the savings from a mathematical perspective. If the average driver idles their truck for 10 hours a day, working an average of 260 days per year, with the cost of diesel being $2.89 per gallon, you are looking at an estimated $7,514.00 for your annual idling fuel cost. With an HP2000 APU, using 0.1 GPH, your total drops down to $751.40. That is an average savings over $6,700 PER YEAR just from idling. That does not take into consideration the savings from maintenance on your vehicle or the added MPG that your vehicle will increase from the lack of idling.

When it comes to fuel, there is only one true consistency: the inconsistency of its pricing. But how much you spend on it, however, is really up to you. Choose to save and choose the HP2000 APU. Where half the fuel is twice the comfort, and quality is always without compromise.

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