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Xtremely Compact and Quiet

The cabinet of the HP2000 measures just 21.5″W X 23.5″H x 23″D overall. The HP2000 series also have the lowest published db rating of any diesel APU on the market.

Xtremely Low Fuel Consumption

The HP2000 APU uses just 0.11 GPH while most other use twice that amount or more.

Xtremely High BTU Rating

The HP2000 provides a whopping 20,000 BTU of heat and 20,000 BTU of A/C.

Compare and Save

The proof is in the numbers! Check out our Comparison Chart to see how the HP2000 stacks up against our competitors!

Xtremely Light Weight

The HP2000 weighs in at just 345lbs, and the HP2000-3 weighs in at 374lbs. The next lightest major competitor weighs 415lbs.

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The HP2000-3 Xtreme is the newest and most rugged APU to date. Our new line sports a powerful new Perkins 3 cylinder engine.  The frame is reinforced 1/4″ steel, with the outside panels being constructed from either Stainless or Black Carbon steel. This APU is built to handle the extreme temperatures and rough conditions that drivers battle daily. By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, not only does it eliminate wear and tear on the drive engine while idling, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 90% verses idling. These advantages are attained yet still allow the driver to enjoy all of the comforts of an idling engine. In addition, our patented heat pump system allows for less componentry, resulting is less weight, moving parts and less noise. The new HP2000-3 weighs in at only 374 lbs.



The HP2000 Xtreme is our 2 cylinder APU.  It has the same foot print as our new 3 cylinder model, but sports a lighter weight of 345 lbs.

Both of our product lines are available in either Stainless Steel, or Black Powder Coat.



HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit Step Kit

The HP2000 optional step kit can be added to any HP2000 auxiliary power unit providing easy access to your trucks catwalk.


Xantrex Pro Series XM 1800

The Xantrex PRO Series Power Inverters are the perfect complement to generators when shore power is unavailable, to quietly and efficiently provide household power when needed.


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We at Parks Industries pride ourselves in offering our customers the lightest weight, highest BTU output, most fuel efficient APU available.

Weighing in at only 345 lbs and 374 lbs totally installed, the HP2000 series provides over 40,000 total BTUs of heating and cooling all while consuming just 0.11 gallons of fuel per hour under a full load. Proudly made in Marion,IL, the HP2000 series is built to last with it’s powder coated exterior AND interior cabinet. The optional stainless steel cabinet takes the worry away from traveling in those harsh, chemical treated roadways. We offer both the 2 cyl and 3 cyl tier 4 final,  Perkins engines in the HP2000 series. Both of these engines have proven to be a bullet-proof system and will provide you with years of problem-free service.

Although the class 7 and 8 truck lines are where you will see it most utilized, the HP2000 series is actively in use to reduce idle times in such applications as construction equipment, military vehicles both in the U.S. and abroad, airport equipment and many others. With the additional of the optional Xantrex inverter, your system can also provide up to 3600 watts of AC current all while limiting the fuel consumption to right at 1/10 of a gallon per hour.

In today’s time, reducing idle hours is becoming more and more important. So whether you are looking to reduce idle hours on a multi-million dollar crane or a class 8 truck, the HP2000 series is truly the most efficient, most cost effective auxiliary power unit on the market today.

Save over $6,000 per year in fuel savings alone.

The average driver works 260 days per year idles their truck an average of 10 hours each work day.  2,600 hours at idle time will cost a over $7,000 per year in fuel alone.  This does not take into consideration the wear and tear on the engine components (alternator, A/C compressor, water pump, fuel pump, etc).

Our system could cut your fuel costs to under $800 per year. The HP2000 keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket and out of the Ozone layer.

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Quality Without Compromise

The HP2000 Series APU is the most efficient truck APU on the market today.

Being efficient means that you get more done with less effort.  This describes the HP2000 series perfectly.  What makes the HP2000 series so efficient is the use of its patented heat pump technology.  It provides more heat AND cooling all while consuming less fuel.  For the average driver, the HP2000 series will pay for itself within the first year or so of operation leaving you with the additional savings year after year.  Rated #1 APU on the market , we feel our reviews speak for themselves.  Want more proof?  We have multiple references that we can provide from owner operators to large fleets that are experience just what the HP2000 series has to offer.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a few of these references.

If you still have questions or would just like more information on how owning an HP2000 can save you money on fuel, save you down-time and costly repairs as well as offering you all of the comforts that an idling engine provides, contact us today at 618-997-9608

The proof is in the numbers. See what sets the HP2000 apart. View Comparisons Chart